Why us?

We make your company more profitable.
AHS Walk-In Clinic (AHS) can increase your company’s productivity and limit your liability as well as decrease absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims and accident rates. We’re a full-service occupational medicine company offering a comprehensive program that includes drug testing, policy implementation and other value-enhancing essential services.

We deliver quality results – every time.
AHS takes the time to understand your needs, and customize a program that works for you. We meet all regulatory standards with a focus on quality, not quantity, ensuring results you can count on.

We stand behind everything we do.

  • Locally owned and operated, AHS offers you critical competitive advantages that include:
  • Personalized service that guarantees a program designed for your company and implemented to provide maximum benefits and savings
  • Experience/expertise that guarantees all our testing technicians have the highest available certification and that all physical and medical evaluations are performed by highly trained, skilled experienced physicians
  • Convenience of 24/7 on- and off-site testing and post-accident medical consultation
  • Competitive rates and volume discounts
  • Sophisticated MIS options that exceed industry standards by giving you access to drug testing and other laboratory results as soon as we receive them
  • Protocol development that allows you to prepare job applicants for their pre-hire evaluation
  • National/international capabilities