What does your physician’s pre-employment medical evaluation include? »

After reviewing a patient-completed questionnaire, our physician takes a detailed medical history himself. Vital signs are checked followed by a comprehensive head-to-toe physical examination completed by the physician. A urinalysis is performed by dipstick method. A visual acuity test and neurological exam are included in the physician’s exam. This format is modified for addition or exclusion only at the request of the employer.

Are there different types of physicals? »

Yes. They include, but aren’t limited to, a general, DOT-CDL, Merchant Marine, Return to Duty, Post–Accident, UKOOA and Norwegian.

Can you set up clinics for my company nationwide for our drug testing and physical exams? »

Yes – this will help to maintain the same protocol throughout your company.

Yes, both by phone and/or writing and we never make such referrals without your specific authorization.

Is an effort made to salvage potential employees who fail their pre-employment medical evaluation? »

Every possible effort is made to accomplish this. Where no private insurance or funding is available, we make considerable effort to help patients secure care through the state hospital system.

Can referring employers make immediate contact with our physicians for explanations or clarifications as needed? »

Yes. Our daytime clinic phone number gets 24-hour response.

Are your findings carefully documented and reproducible when needed? »

Yes. Our clinicians do not wait more than 12 hours to report anything of significance. One hundred percent of the time, they personally perform physicals, evaluations and client care.

Does your physician offer patients a 24-hour telephone contact? »

Yes. Every injury receives this information in writing.

What kind of x-rays do you perform? »

We perform a full range of digital x-rays as needed. When techniques beyond the usual scope of office facilities are required, we refer these cases to outside specialty facilities.

Are your Occupational Medicine services offered consistently? »

Absolutely. We will work diligently to be a partner in assisting your company with a safe work environment