What to expect at your visit

Check In – Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete our registration form.  To expedite the process, you can print and complete our registration form now and bring it into the office with you – locate the form at Express Check-In/Forms.

See the Provider – Upon arrival and once checked in with reception, you will be given paperwork to fill out. Once you have completed this paperwork, you will begin a process of preliminary testing for services requested (ie…drug screen, audio, pulmonary function, x-rays, labs, etc.). Any abnormal results for all testing may require re-test or additional tests to accommodate your needs, which will be decided by our medical staff after review of results. Once all preliminary testing is completed, the next step is to have your physical examination with our clinicians, at which time it may be decided additional testing is needed.

Aftercare – Once testing is completed, results will be reported to your company noted. 

Please bring the following:

  • Photo Identification (Please bring one of the following: valid driver’s license, passport, etc.) Under 18 years of age, must be accompanied by a guardian and a Minor Consent Form must be signed by said guardian.
  • Company consent form authorizing services.
  • Custom or additional forms (please bring in any company required forms)

Link to express forms